Every family has a unique story that deserves to be preserved and shared across generations. But telling family stories in a dynamic, exciting way isn’t easy, and it isn’t done well often.

First, there’s the research

And when you have hundreds of ancestors, it’s no simple task. An experienced, expert researcher that knows where to look, what to look for, and what hurdles to expect is a must.

There’s the storytelling

There is no substitute for great copy. Complex, black-and-white reports are the industry standard, but why? Wouldn’t you rather read the story of your great-grandfather who played minor league baseball in 1905, or about the ancestor who risked everything to immigrate to the United States in full color rather than pour over charts, graphs, and dates?

And third, presentation & graphic design

Your family history isn’t just birth, marriage, and death dates, or thousands of words of copy on plain white printer paper. It’s visual and vivid, and should be presented in a way that makes you want to having it sitting out on your coffee table. But it shouldn’t be cheesy, either.

Genealogy Jack provides all three for you and your family so that your story can be told told vibrantly, accurately, and the way it should be.

Are you ready to uncover it?

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“Genealogy Jack” started when I was 10. My favorite place to research was the New England Historic Genealogy Society in Boston, where I learned lots of the skills I use daily today: how to navigate online databases (like Ancestry, FamilySearch, FindMyPast), what patterns to look for in records, and best practices for family research.



“Genealogy Jack” began with a weekly blog I started during my senior year at college. It features short articles designed to share tips, tricks, stories, and surprises in genealogy for free. 

My blog posts have been featured in the Duke Daily and Vita Brevis, the New England Historic Genealogical Society’s blog. Check it out! 

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