Whether you are looking for a beautiful coffee table book about a standout ancestor or want to have a biography written about your great-grandmother, anything is possible.

coffee table book about one ancestor or story

Did your ancestors immigrate to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries? Did one of your ancestors serve in the Civil War or the Revolutionary War? Did your grandfather play minor league baseball in the early 1900s, or have another unique occupation?

This 15-90-page, 11×8.5-inch coffee table book is designed showcase that standout story from your genealogy in a beautiful way.


You’ve probably seen or read a biography about a famous historical or current person, like Barack Obama, Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King, Jr., or John Rockefeller. But, what if you could read a biography about your great-grandmother, great-great-grandparents, or another ancestor? A biography gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the life of an ancestor that you may have gotten to meet or you may never have met.

Biographies are typically 6×9 inches, 100-250 pages long depending on the number of subjects (either an individual or a couple). They include pictures and are fully sourced, capturing your ancestor’s life in an exciting, research-oriented lens.

comprehensive genealogy

Are you looking for the whole picture of where you came from? Are you generally curious about everything, and would love to be able to see your story all in one place?

This project is a comprehensive look at your family history. We’ll cover all four of your grandparents and where they came from, with as much of their genealogical stories as we can piece together via research and historical context. The final product is a 15,000-25,000-word, 100-250-page 11×8.5-inch book, filled with your family’s story and the necessary diagrams, images, and maps to take you along the journey.