no project is too big or too small

Whether you are looking to expand your family tree, have a research biography written about your grandparents, or are looking for a enticing, short article explaining your great-grandfather’s surprising occupation, anything is possible.

Enjoy every

Genealogy research comes in all shapes and sizes

I have written biographies over 130 pages long for clients, research articles that take 3 minutes to read, have built out family trees on Ancestry, FamilySearch, and other platforms, and have done traditional genealogy reports. Genealogy is an endless project; you never know what you’ll find!


Having an idea of the product is important. Here are some research projects I’ve done that I could do for you.

Expanding your Family Tree

Whether you are just getting started with your family tree or have been at it for a while, there is always more to learn, expand on, and brick walls to knock down! 


Some of the best parts of genealogy research are the exciting stories. Sometimes, the neatest product is an article highlighting the historical story or marvel in your tree: clear and to the point.


Research reports are invaluable, showing not only the historical narrative of your ancestors’ stories, but citing each known record, image, source, and painting a professional paper trail. I’ve written an undergraduate research thesis at Duke, and research reports for clients, that you can see here!


My personal favorite product and project to do are biographies. You might have read a biography about a famous historical figure, like George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Franklin, or Abraham Lincoln. But, what if you could read a biography about your great-grandmother? With that idea in mind, I authored a biography about my great-grandparents, and am working on several others. Check it out here, and see if you might be interested in reading one about your ancestors, too!